Emmy Rossum – Sentimental Journey

This is a double plug for both the entire album and a track. First, I discovered her through Elvis Duran and the Morning show on my way to work this morning. I was floored (don’t worry – I’m not talking about my car). There’s an old soul in her voice. 26 and putting out tunes like this! Not only did I recite her name several times to remember to look her up (I have a photographic memory which doesn’t work well while driving and hearing something on the radio), but I also immediately bought the album Sentimental Journey. I got it off of Amazon for $9.99, which also includes the MP3 rip (cheaper than buying the MP3 version outright AND you get the CD).

Here’s the idea of the album (from Amazon):

12 songs representing each month in a year through the glass of standards from the 1920s – 1960s

Here’s These Foolish Things off of the album