Featuring new music from relatively unknown people (i.e. not as mainstream). I’ll also tag music that I’ve discovered along the way.

Emmy Rossum – Sentimental Journey

This is a double plug for both the entire album and a track. First, I discovered her through Elvis Duran and the Morning show on my way to work this morning. I was floored (don’t worry – I’m not talking about my car). There’s an old soul in her voice. 26 and putting out tunes like this! Not only did I recite her name several times to remember to look her up (I have a photographic memory which doesn’t work well while driving and hearing something on the radio), but I also immediately bought the album Sentimental Journey. I got it off of Amazon for $9.99, which also includes the MP3 rip (cheaper than buying the MP3 version outright AND you get the CD).

Here’s the idea of the album (from Amazon):

12 songs representing each month in a year through the glass of standards from the 1920s – 1960s

Here’s These Foolish Things off of the album

Vaski – Insane feat. Ava

From their SoundCloud description:

Out now on Rottun Records!

“Insane” contains that curious combination of pop sensibilities in the melody and a tough, muscular low end that has become a signature of Vaski’s. “Insane” also features the beautiful-yet-strong vocals of Ava, a chanteuse from San Diego with Quebecoise roots. Ava is another fresh voice who has recently released collaborations, to wide acclaim, with Lupe Fiasco and Bassnectar. Together, they’ve created a song that’s an absolute belter. Try not getting it stuck in your head.

Download “Insane” right now:


Not much else to say except LISTEN and watch!

Ke$ha – Die Young (Acoustic)

To give a little backstory on this, it was created as a response to the haters who think she couldn’t sing because of the auto-tune. Personally I like this take better. I wouldn’t mind if she switched permanently.

The good news is if you like this, she’s got a 5-track EP called Deconstructed including this with just acoustics.


Adventure Club – Wait (Au5 & I.Y.F.F.E. Remix)

This baby is an infant at 7 days old. I heard it first on and couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard it before. Very catchy cross-genre mix.

You can’t listen to this without loving it.

Adventure Club



Purity Ring – Lofticries

I heard this in the Coding Soundtrack room this morning. We were doing a haunting female vocal follow after I played one of Melanie Martinez‘ covers (from The Voice).

It appears as though they’ve “killed” their SoundCloud because there is no music there, but you can check out their trippy blog on Tumblr: They’ve got a Venus Hum vocal and music style to them. It’s almost like electropop. That’s what I’m going to call it anyway. They are hard to nail down.

They also have a Facebook page and Myspace. You can pick up the album featuring this track on Amazon ($5) or iTunes (if you want to be charged out your butt – $10).


BIGBANG – Fantastic Baby

Someone posted this on Design Forums on the listening thread. It’s catchy (K-pop). They pretty much started out as a “boy” band in 2006. This is off their “Alive” album (available on iTunes) which landed this year. They have some hip-hop inspired tunes which are actually pretty funny (especially with the music videos).

More info:

The Relay Company – Mirage

Interesting music video from this trio. Very catchy tune. I found it while playing Tap Tap Revenge Tour on my iPhone.

It’s a very upbeat song (great electropop feel). You can get this song free on their facebook (thanks guys). You can get their whole album, i5 on iTunes. It was released in February this year.

The Relay Company:

Audiobit – Keep it Filthy

I discovered this while play the Tap Tap Tour. Really nice electro track, complete with barks.

You can snag this track on iTunes.

Audiobit has been around for the past couple of years, started by Anthony Belmonte in sunny California. Styles are numerous, tapping into the newer elements of EDM.


Adele – Skyfall


I absolutely love this. It’s very classic Bond and Adele compliments it so very well. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing, but I’m loving the little tidbit that’s there.

Paloma Faith – Upside Down

Did you like Eliza Doolittle? Well, if you did you should like this too. Paloma is another retro-inspired vocalist hailing from London. This is from her 2009 debut album.

There is definitely an old soul in her voice and it’s refreshing. She released a new single, Picking Up The Pieces, this year. She has another single set to be released on the 23rd.

More Paloma:
SoundCloud (clips)



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