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Purity Ring – Lofticries

I heard this in the Coding Soundtrack room this morning. We were doing a haunting female vocal follow after I played one of Melanie Martinez‘ covers (from The Voice).

It appears as though they’ve “killed” their SoundCloud because there is no music there, but you can check out their trippy blog on Tumblr: They’ve got a Venus Hum vocal and music style to them. It’s almost like electropop. That’s what I’m going to call it anyway. They are hard to nail down.

They also have a Facebook page and Myspace. You can pick up the album featuring this track on Amazon ($5) or iTunes (if you want to be charged out your butt – $10).


BIGBANG – Fantastic Baby

Someone posted this on Design Forums on the listening thread. It’s catchy (K-pop). They pretty much started out as a “boy” band in 2006. This is off their “Alive” album (available on iTunes) which landed this year. They have some hip-hop inspired tunes which are actually pretty funny (especially with the music videos).

More info:

The Relay Company – Mirage

Interesting music video from this trio. Very catchy tune. I found it while playing Tap Tap Revenge Tour on my iPhone.

It’s a very upbeat song (great electropop feel). You can get this song free on their facebook (thanks guys). You can get their whole album, i5 on iTunes. It was released in February this year.

The Relay Company:

The Filthy Pillows – Don’t Knock

I heard this while watching Gallery Girls on BravoTV (sad, I know, but the concept was interesting and I like art). I Shazaamed it on my phone and (yay!) got a result.

They are an Electro duo based in LA.

I don’t even know how to classify this. I just love it 🙂 Has like an Infinity Guitars feel (Sleigh Bells).

If you like this, pick up their EP “That New New” on iTunes.

The Filthy Pillows:
SoundCloud (not much here)

Kerli – Zero Gravity

Apparently Kerli has a following called Moon Children. She does electro-pop/dance and is Estonian. I’d not heard of her until I found her music video accidentally.

Zero Gravity is my favorite, and Tea Party comes in second. She has very Katy Perry styled music videos. They are very visual and artistic.


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